The strongest storyline

Gameplay is always going to be a big feature of the very best games but in terms of the best storylines, many titles are up there at the top. Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us and Mafia are all great games that rely heavily on a strong storyline but there’s been

One More Bounce


One More Bounce is a simple yet sophisticated game by SMG Studio. It has only recently been featured in the Apple App store but it’s picking up positive reviews and its no wonder why to be honest. There are more than 100 hand crafted levels and a new level added per day, whilst there is

FFXV To be Released on 29th of November


Some good news for Final Fantasy fans at last; FFXV has announced the release date after years of wait, it being the 29th of November. In addition to that, they’ve also released a lengthy preview of the game which seems to cover a wide range of the story, that you’re welcome to familiarise yourself with:

Carmageddon Max Damage

Carmageddon is back, promising action packed hell once again. Carmageddon: Max Damage, continues the vehicle combat game’s over-the-top violence across 10 different track environments, and with over 30 cars to smash up and race. This games takes sick to a whole new level, and you can get points for hunting down moving targets, including pedestrians

Oxenfree The Emotional Supernatural Adventure Game!

Oxenfree is a supernatural thriller about a group of friends who visit Edwards island as part of a tradition for college seniors who stay overnight to party. But things go awry when they unwittingly open a ghostly rift, and release something that was spawned from the island’s cryptic past. The games main character is Alex, and you play