Is Christmas a good time to buy video games?

Many people buy video games with their Christmas money or gift vouchers, but at this time of year, prices are actually rather high, and many games will be slashed in cost come January and February. There is a big problem here though, and in February you may be a bit more preoccupied then you were

Is it time you preordered WRC 7?

World Rally Championship 7 is just about to be released, but there’s still time to preorder it so you can play it the day it lands in gaming stores. This time round, there have been some big changes worth mentioning, such as the fact that there willl be a wide and diverse range of new

The Biggest Gaming Competitions in the World

We often hear that we’re now in the golden era of video games but perhaps theirs a bigger and better era to come, maybe a platinum era. The amount of video gamers today is ridiculously huge, and that’s easy to see when you go to a gaming event or competition. If you’re considering entering yourself

Mary Skelter: Nightmares; We dare you to play

The game is set in a real world prison where the main character runs through tunnels to escape monsters. In general, you have to solve the mysteries to walk out of the dungeon alive. The main character is Alice. Alice is supported by Jack and a group of girls, Keshi Shojo, who have the ability

Tennis fans your wish has been granted

There’s been a hole in the gaming industry for years. Tennis fans have been waiting for a major game and they finally have their wish. Tennis World Tour will be released in 2018 for consoles and the PC. The last tennis game was released in 2012, but over the years this has outraged tennis fans,