Is Minecraft Still Popular?


Minecraft is one of the older games, initially released in 2009. It is available on many platforms such as PC, Xbox and Play Station. But is it still as popular as what it was when it was first released? From my experiences, Minecraft is still as popular as what it was back in 2009. Kids

Board Games VS Consoles


Board games used to be extremely popular. However, with video gaming on the rise, are board games being used less? People are turning more towards gaming consoles. Most board games you can purchase on consoles. They seem to be capable of accomplishing everything on a console. Consoles do offer an entirely different experience to these

What is Peggle 2?


Peggle 2 is a puzzle game that’s simple, vibrant and fun. Okay perhaps we shouldn’t say it’s simple as there are plenty of different levels and some puzzles are tricky to manage, however, it’s very simple in its approach, and as sequels go, it’s very basic, sticking the same principles in the original. There are

Why you should play Vampyr

In Vampyr you enter the world as Dr. Jonathan Reid who has just returned from the battlegrounds of World War One . The next thing you see, you’ve just risen from the dead only to find you are now strangely afflicted with the lust for blood. Yes, you’re a Vampire and seriously upset, to say