Is Christmas a good time to buy video games?

Many people buy video games with their Christmas money or gift vouchers, but at this time of year, prices are actually rather high, and many games will be slashed in cost come January and February. There is a big problem here though, and in February you may be a bit more preoccupied then you were at Christmas time, especially if you’re a part time gamer – by this we mean an individual who only plays video games once in a while. So if this sounds like you, why not keep your hard earned money and rent a game instead. You can play it over the dull and quiet Christmas period and then forget it come January when you’re attention is elsewhere. We don’t recommend you buy a game that you may only play for a few days, and you may want to think carefully about the rental market and its many benefits before you move opt to buy a game at the priciest time of year.