Mary Skelter: Nightmares; We dare you to play

The game is set in a real world prison where the main character runs through tunnels to escape monsters. In general, you have to solve the mysteries to walk out of the dungeon alive.

The main character is Alice. Alice is supported by Jack and a group of girls, Keshi Shojo, who have the ability to slay monsters. At the beginning of the game, a tower grows in the middle of the town. From the tower demons called Märchen appear and start torture members of the town. The underground city with a depth of six hundred meters has to fight for survival. Reimei, courageous girls help the main characters Alice and Jack escape the torture. When the rebellious group is joined by Keshiki Shôjo the game gets even more interesting.

Challenges that keep you engaged exist all through the game. Special monsters are able to lay enticing traps along the tunnels. To identify the traps and run faster than the monsters, requires a fine skill of coordination and ability to avoid errors.

This is a surprisingly good game. It offers an involving story line. The fact that it can be played on a handheld device makes it a convenient game to play on the go.