Why you should play Vampyr

In Vampyr you enter the world as Dr. Jonathan Reid who has just returned from the battlegrounds of World War One . The next thing you see, you’ve just risen from the dead only to find you are now strangely afflicted with the lust for blood. Yes, you’re a Vampire and seriously upset, to say the least. The premise of a doctor who was previously meant to help people but now driven by the thirst for blood is what makes the story so attractive. Throughout the game you find yourself caught between the two. And you have to think hard before every decision. Vampyr features familiar RPG elements, which remind some of the Witcher series. NPCs all serve a key function and are not just there to make the game feel sufficiently populated. They are all very believable, with their own real-life issues to deal with and such. You have to engage with characters in order to open the game up further. This also helps you to prepare yourself for those severe decision making moments.